Safavid Glamour, a classic Persian carpet

Achieving intricacy and finesse at the level we see in this Persian rug is a dream for any weaver and designer. This level of detail is only possible in handmade carpets, where a weaver spends a long time tying 2.25 million knots per square meter. You can calculate the time it takes to make so many knots by knowing a weaver can make five thousand knots daily, which equates to 450 days per square meter. Therefore, years have passed by the time a designer sees the result of their months of hard work in creating these classic designs.
Modern technology is a blessing for designers who want extremely fine curves and intricate details. Highly sophisticated machines can produce finished products much faster, and the lower cost of production makes such rugs more affordable for a larger audience. The design of a carpet like this is created through a painstaking process in which the designer defines the colour of millions of pixels to create the pattern. The motifs are ancient, often with archetypical meanings.
This Persian carpet is a versatile rug that can bring grandeur to any interior decor and create an extraordinary impact on the aesthetics of a space. The materials used are an acrylic pile carved for a 3D effect and a foundation of cotton and jute. This carpet is the best choice for those who want to have a stunning rug without worrying about maintenance, as it is easy to wash and keep clean.