Ecbatana handmade Rug

Names of many handmade carpets are after their weaving places, like this beautiful classic piece from Hamdan. However, these cities are not just ordinary geographic locations or towns with decades of history but thousands. In this case, Hamdan is the modern name for the ancient city of Ecbatana which was the capital of the Median Empire in 700bc. The Medes occupied large parts of ancient Persia and Macepotemia.
Owning a rug from the area would not serve one as just a decoration object. These rugs are windows to a fascinating past, and they are full of symbolic motives that have become part of the weavers' tradition and collective memory.
The name for this rug's design is "Mahi", meaning fish. The ancient Persians believed that the fish created by Ahuramazda, The Lord of light, as a protection against evil.
Good wool and tightly made knots on cotton foundation make this rug a marvellous piece to use in heavy traffic areas.

Hand-knotted, wool on a cotton base.