A Persian Classic Kashmar carpet, No. 164382 (290x197cm)

Selecting the appropriate colour scheme for a rug is a challenging task that requires both expertise and experience. However, incorporating green as the dominant color takes not only imagination but also boldness. The skilled weaver of this unique rug has masterfully crafted a piece that can elegantly enhance any space.

This rug hails from the ancient city of Kasmar, located in the north of Persia. Kasmar boasts a rich history spanning over three millennia, and it was here that the prophet Zoroaster established his first fire temple under the patronage of the legendary Persian king, Vishtaspa. The town's rich cultural heritage imbues this rug with a sense of timelessness and tradition.

In addition to its visually striking design, this rug is made of high-quality materials. The pile is crafted from wool, which is known for its durability and softness, making it comfortable to walk on and resistant to wear and tear. The warp and weft, the foundation of the rug, are made from cotton, which adds strength and stability to the piece.