A Shirvan kilim, Number: 14916 294x148cm

Kilims are amazing kinds of rugs. Dislike the knotted rugs, their weaver can not weave the pattern from a predetermined pattern, and therefore designs are created by the weaver spontaneously.

Therefore kilims are always more straightforward and in geometric patterns. They are authentic nomadic pieces that are woven by the ladies in their spare times when they are free from the daily chores of nomadic life. 

The looms often consist of wooden poles fixed by stones and wooden spikes on which the warps are fastened. Therefore the looms are easily portable and dismantled or assembled from one camp to another. Thus the irregularities in shape.

The one here is a caucasian Shirvan and circa the 1950s, in excellent condition and in striking colours. This is undoubtedly a kilim that could bring charm and depth to your space. 

Wool weft, cotton warp.