A fine Seneh kilim number 53665 (280x196cm)

Kurd weavers produce extremely fine flatweaves. These weavings are commonly known as "Seneh" kilims. They are impressive due to the mastery of the weavers and the materials that the weavers use.

Kurds are mountain people, and they are so known since the early empires of Mesopotamia. Their primary production has historically been wool. Due to the mountainous pasture that they herd their sheep in, they produce yarns of extraordinary quality. The oily nature of the wool creates a lust similar to silk. The thick coat of sheep results in very long fool fibre that makes a long-lasting and robust yarn

The ladies of the area are masters of hand carding and hand spinning the raw wool into yarn with fantastic quality that give the kilims and rugs of Kurdistan a beautiful texture and look. 

The kilim here is an excellent example of such kilims. The ladies from the villages in surrounding areas of "Sanandaj" make such pieces in their homes as a project that involves their entire household during the long nights of cold winters.

This piece is finely woven with wool on a cotton foundation.