A Qashgai kilim Number 53947 (240 x 167cm)

Such kilims are reflections of the nature in which the weavers dwell. The Qashqai girl who has woven this charming kilim (flatweave) belongs to a nomadic tribe who live in the lands between the Zagros mountains and the shores of the Persian Gulf. They have wandered the lands in a never-ending search for green pastures for over a thousand years. 

Qashqai ladies weave such kilims on portable looms, and they create the patterns spontaneously as they weave their rugs. Thus, in this case, the design represents a camel, goats, dogs and girls and a small tent on the lower part of the rug in a green field. The girl on the upper part stands over a colourful structure that probably depicts her weaving loom.

This kilim is a marvellous piece that vibrates with joy and charm and could brighten up a room and lift your spirit.

100% wool and primarily natural dyes.