Dawn, A modern Rug.

This rug is a modern rug that is tastefully designed in an array of contrasting colours. One can create a marvellous room around this carpet, and it is a piece that could brighten up and beautifully decorate a space.

This rug results from over a decade of endeavour to find the right balance between technology and traditional craftsmanship. The weaving process is done on the old machines that are modified to go slow and gentle on the yarn spun in-house. The colours are done in an artisanal way, in small lots, to achieve beautiful hues with the slight variation that one can see in hand-made rugs.

After the weaving of such rugs, the process of hand-finishing starts. Every piece is washed twice for better lustre and softening wool and bamboo silk, giving the carpet a fantastic shimmer. After washing, these carpets are hand-carved and hand-finished for the perfect look. 

Material: Wool, bamboo silk, cotton, jute.

ALP 2427 ex 101-241