A Persian collage (patchwork rug) No. 517698 204x144cm

Often, seeing a damaged rug collecting dust in a corner is too painful. The large fragment in the middle of this patchwork is particularly poignant. It is part of a nomadic rug, woven by a nomadic weaver from memory, reflecting the majestic ruins of Persepolis that she has witnessed since childhood during her clan migrations, passing by the ancient palace.

The imagery portrays the battle of the Persian King of Kings with a mythical monster, carved on the stone frame of "the Gate of the Nations," which has stood for over 2500 years, captivating passersby and reflecting the grandeur and magnificence of the ancient culture.

We have breathed new life into the rug by restoring it, creating borders, and replacing the missing parts with salvaged fragments from other rugs. This transformation has turned it into a modern and vibrant carpet, not only serving as a decorative centrepiece for contemporary interiors but also as an inspirational piece that could spark fascinating conversations.