Visualise our carpets in your home!

You can visualise all the rugs on this website in your home with our AR application. Simply follow the steps below!

1. Take a picture of your room using a smartphone.

For best results take horizontal pictures, and if possible remove any pre-existing rugs from the surface.
*Please note that this application is developed to work best with pictures from mobile devices. It may not work as desired with professional cameras.
If you like to see the result in a larger screen, you may transfer the picture from your mobile device to a laptop or desktop and use the AR visualiser there.

2. Go to a product page and click on the button below, located under the product picture

*Please note that the pictures on this website have high resolution. This is for you to see the texture of the rugs better. This may result in slow uploading of the pictures.

3. click on the following option to upload the picture of your room

Alternatively, you may "Choose a ready-made arrangement".

4. select the picture of your room here to see the following screen

On Mobile devices:
On Desktop computers/Laptops:

5. Tap/click the spot in the room on which you would like to see the rug

You may position the rug around by moving your finger or mouse on the screen to find the best look:

On Mobile devices:

On Desktop computers/Laptops:

6. You can download the AR generated picture by clicking on the camera icon or download symbol on the top right of the screen

Note: The visualiser is available for most of the products. If the option is not yet available for your desired rug, please contact us on WhatsApp during office hours and we will activate it within a couple of hours.