Josheghan, a tribal carpet.

According to Cecil A. Edwards, in his 1948 work "The Persian Carpet," Josheghan carpets, like the one here, boast a design heritage dating back two to four centuries. The region's skilled weavers have steadfastly adhered to their ancestral patterns, faithfully reproducing them in traditional colour combinations. These rugs are renowned for their exceptional wool quality, often woven in rich shades of red derived from madder roots sourced from the surrounding areas. The dyeing process is primarily artisanal, with weavers meticulously crafting small batches, resulting in the captivating variation in tones.

Josheghan carpets are widely celebrated for their elegant yet simple geometric and decorative motifs. While weavers adhere to the overarching "jungle design," each individual weaver infuses their unique artistic sensibility into the pattern, resulting in a distinct character for each rug that mirrors the owner's personality.

The carpets available here are priced significantly below the usual market rates, making them exceptional value for money.