A Kashan Persian handmade Carpet, Number 59226

This magnificent piece is a product of thousands of years old culture. The town of Kashan is an ancient oasis made around the Sialk ziggurat (3000 BC) in central Persia. 

The carpets like this one here are a repository of tradition and culture. The design is known as the "Shah Abbasi" after the great Safavid king who patronized the art during his reign, 1588 to 1629 AD. 

The medallion is the archetypical symbol of the universe or the complete and perfect existence. It stands as the fully bloomed flower amidst an array of half bloomed stylized flowers that are all inclining towards the centre in a harmonious movement.

The tradition of carpet weaving in Kasan goes back thousands of years, and some of the most beautiful carpets in the world come from the city. A large rug like this takes about a year to make. The knots are asymmetric Persian knots, and the weavers use to hook or tool other than a knife to cut the yarn.