A Kurdi rug, Number 800226 236x134cm

The first thing that would come to the mind of this antique Kurdi rug's viewer is "Autumn". The amazing colour combination is an evident proof of the weaver's taste in colours. Numerous colours sit elegantly together, creating a fantastic charm for this nomadic carpet.

This is a piece that is most probably woven by a young girl. The stylised tree motifs fill the field amidst a narrow border of the "running water" pattern.

Kurds of Khorasan are descendants of Medes who have lived in mountainous areas of the western Macepotemia and eastern Persian since the 7th century BC.

Nearly three thousand years of culture have contributed to the wealth of collective memory and amazing symbols in their artefacts, woven like the carpet here.

Weaving such a rug is more of a family project. The nomadic family produces every element for their carpets or gathers ingredients like plant pigments for dying the yarn from nature and during their migrations. The weavers could be a group of women within the family who weave the rugs together as they sing, gossip or listen to the stories the elders recite during the process or single girls who are making the rugs as part of their dowry.