A Qashghai Gabbeh rug, No-172396 (127x81cm)

The pomegranate is a fruit with a rich history, mentioned in both the Bible and the Quran, and featured in Greek and Persian mythologies.

According to "The Book of Zoroaster" (زرتشتنامه) by Bahrame Pazhdo (1278 A.D.), Zartosht bestowed four heavenly substances upon four mythical figures, and the pomegranate was among them. Zartosht gifted this fruit to Afrasiab, who gained invincibility through its consumption.

The pomegranate appears in numerous other sources, including folk tales passed down through generations. One such legend tells of the "daughter of the fairy king", who would emerge from a pomegranate to love a prince and be loved by him.

Throughout history, the pomegranate has symbolised love, beauty, fertility, and abundance. Unsurprisingly, the stylised pomegranate motif is popular among weavers, conveying various symbolic meanings.

The carpet featured here is a stunning example of such rugs. It is a creation of the Qashghai tribes, renowned for their skills in producing high-quality wool and their mastery in utilizing plants and herbs they encounter along their migratory paths to dye their yarns.

Their hand-spun yarn dyed in captivating hues derived from natural sources and striking archetypal patterns and motifs that reflect their remarkable way of life render their rugs, like the one showcased here, truly extraordinary.

Hand-knotted | 100% wool