There are hundreds of villages in the provinces of Kurdistan, Zanjan, Hamdan and Qazvin, that are home to several ethnic tribal nations. Among them, Kurds, Shahsavans and Afhars are some of the most prominent who have given up their nomadic life and settled in these villages. The families cultivate land and farm sheep in the area's pastures, and women often weave small rugs as a traditional hubby in their free time. They weave their rugs by heart. The traditional and ancestral designs of each family, particular to their own, dominate the carpets of each household. In the meantime, the free spirits of the weavers fly at will among the hundreds of years old archetypical motives that they decorate their carpets with and leave behind the creator's emotions and personality. Thus each piece is different and vibrates with character.
These rugs are often small and categorized as "Mussel" as the beautiful sample here.
This rug is from the village of Tarom and circa the 1940s. The carpet has acquired a beautiful patina and texture through years of use. The toned-down calming colours and beautiful texture makes the rug that would decorate a modern or Boho styled space.
Wool on Cotton base in perfect condition.