A tribal Lori rug, Circa 1920s. No-172381 (197x130cm)

Regardless of our opinions, it is always fascinating to observe the remedies and protections that primitive societies have developed for the evil eye and how people in modern times still utilize them. One of the most intriguing outcomes of ancient superstition is the creation of amulets. The oldest anti-evil eye charms discovered to date back to 3500 BC were found in Tell Barak, Syria, and countless other talismans and artefacts have been created to fight the "eye".While Persians were not an exception in their belief in such charms and the creation of amulets, what sets them apart is the incorporation of these beliefs into their rugs, such as this old Luri nomadic rug (circa the 1920s). One wonders how beautiful and fortunate the girl who had woven this rug was to incorporate so many protective symbols to save her life against the evil eye.