A vintage Mashad carpet, No-600593-(381X291cm)

The love poured into crafting such rugs radiates even after decades. These rugs were created in an era devoid of computers and printers, so the weaver-readable designs were intricate works of art painstakingly crafted by hand by dedicated designers.

This process absorbed the emotions of the designers, evident in every brush stroke, as well as the sentiments of the weavers with each knot they tied. These rugs are born of passion and care, and their enduring beauty, even after decades of use, is a testament to this.

This Mashad carpet dates back to the 1940s and features a traditional pattern unique to the weavers of the small town of Sabzivar in the province. The patina and texture of this rug are truly remarkable, and its understated colours make it a versatile piece that can complement a variety of settings.