An antique Gabbeh, Circa 1900s. No-163474 (160x122cm)

Some rugs are incredible, not just for their look but for the messages they carry through symbols, images, and colours. What makes them even more interesting is that the motifs sometimes arise from the weaver's subconscious and inherited memory and mingle with the viewers’ minds.

These rugs provoke the viewers' curiosity and invite them to a mysterious world. Thus, I often hear statements about some rugs from my customers: "The rug talks to me". And this ragged old one undoubtedly does talk.

The lone figure with his dog, twelve grey cypress trees and six orange ones, chalices, twelve stylized pomegranates in the centre, the walls, the squares with twelve squares within, and many other elements...

What did she have in mind? The weaver is long gone, but the message remains and tickles my curiosity.