An antique Kurdi rug, turn of the 20th century, No-163225-250x160cm

The Kurdi tribes of Khorassan have a rich history as descendants of the Medes, who inhabited the valleys of Mount Zagros in the eastern region of Mesopotamia (western Iran) since the 11th century BC.

During the 16th and 17th centuries, a large group of Kurds from Kurdistan, western Iran, were relocated to this area under the orders of Safavid kings to protect Iran against the steppes' inhabitants beyond eastern borders.

Centuries of coexistence with neighbouring Baluch and Torkuman nomads and intermarriage between these groups have led to the development of a distinct ethnic identity among the Kurdi tribes of Khorassan, setting them apart from the Kurds of Kurdistan.

The unique designs and weaving techniques employed by the weavers of Kudi rugs in this region are remarkable consequences of this cultural and ethnic transformation.

This rug is a gorgeous example of their weaving.