Hope; A rug By Nasser Nishaburi. No-850286 (300x229cm)


It's remarkable how even a small splash of colour amid a neutral palette of black, white, and grey can breathe life into a rug and elevate it to a sophisticated and uplifting carpet.

The vivid red hue woven into this rug represents hope and a spirited drive to beautify our world. While the subdued colour scheme lends versatility to the piece, it's the red accent that sets it apart. The rug exudes optimism and vibrancy and can transform any space into an exquisite and distinct environment.

Crafted from natural Himalayan wool and silk, the rug features an array of undyed shades ranging from white to black. The red hues are dyed using traditional and artisanal techniques exclusively for this piece. Expertly woven by Tibetan weavers in Nepal, this rug is a testament to their skill and artistry.

Hand-knotted | wool & silk on cotton base