Lapis Legacy, a modern rug.

This rug culminates more than a decade of dedicated effort to achieve the ideal balance between technology and traditional craftsmanship.

The weaving process for such rugs takes place on meticulously modified old machines that operate slowly and delicately, treating the yarn spun in-house with utmost care.

The batches of fine yarn are masterfully dyed in small volumes, employing artisanal techniques to achieve stunning hues with subtle variations unique to handmade rugs.

Once the weaving process is complete, careful hand-finishing begins. Each piece undergoes two rounds of washing to enhance its lustre and soften the wool and bamboo silk, resulting in a magnificent shimmer.

After washing, the carpets are painstakingly hand-carved and hand-finished to achieve a flawless appearance.

Materials used to create these rugs include wool, bamboo silk, cotton, and jute. The techniques employed include machine weaving, hand-carving, and hand-finishing.


ALP2401ex 101-648