Lori Gabbeh rug, Number 162768 208x153

Nomads of southern and central Persia gathered Indigo and madder during their seasonal migrations on the way to the shores of the Persian Gulf. Consequently, shades of red and blue are two dominant colours in their weavings.
They used to dye their yarns in small lots in cooking pots on the wood fire resulting in inconsistency in shades and hues. Often, the tribal weavings glow with a fascinating charm due to the use of such colours and the "imperfections."
The "glow" and amazingly minimalistic pattern of this Lori rug make it one that has withstood the time and age and can still show off its beauty in modern settings.
I never get tired of looking at pieces like this, and I always enjoy caressing them for their lovely texture.

Bakhtiar Lori | Circa 1900s | 208x153cm