Persian Josheghan carpet No; 161887 395x300

This magnificent piece is a product of thousands of years old culture. The town of Josheghan, where this carpet comes from, is an ancient town situated about 50Km to the northwest of the Sialk ziggurat (3000 BC). The carpets in the area are a repository of tradition and culture. The design of the rug here goes back to the early 17th century when the King Abbas of the Safavid dynasty established his royal carpet workshops in the town, which is close to Isfahan, the Safavid capital at the time. 

The tradition of carpet weaving existed before the 17th century and continues to survive today. The design of this carpet, "the jungle design," is one of the most famous Persian geometric carpet patterns. The weavers of the area weave these rugs by heart, and therefore each rug is a unique piece representing the weaver's individual taste and skill.