Kavir handmade rug NO. 163347

To make a minimalistic authentic Persian rug is not an easy task. The weavers mostly favour the rugs as a medium for expressing their emotions and culture. Often such carpets are loaded with colours and patterns. The designer/weaver in such cases feels traditionally obliged to create something meaningful, something that is not too far from his deeply guarded traditions and habits. 

The rug here is one of such rugs. By not weaving a motive the Lori weaver of this rug has reflected an important element of her tribal life. The arid deserts in which they dwell in search of grass for their herds. The magnitude of such lands and the solitude that one feels in such places are divine and breathtaking. By creating such a rug with just texture and natural variation of colours the weaver here has materialised a marvellous sensation of the "Kavir", the deserts of central Persia.

Handmade - 100% un-dyed, hand-spun wool