Handmade Persian Qum Carpet No.164569 300x210cm.

Humans have always sought ways to connect with nature and bring a piece of the outdoors inside. One such way is through the use of traditional handmade carpets like this one. This old handmade Persian carpet, hailing from the city of Qum, was woven in the 1940s and features a beautiful floral design with intricate details. The carpet is adorned with images of deer and birds, adding a unique touch to the traditional floral pattern. The trees on the carpet, in full bloom, represent the beauty of spring and the abundance of nature. The pair of animals, such as deer and birds, represent the start of new life and fertility. The carpet is made with a combination of high-quality wool and silk, which creates a luxurious and durable texture. The skilful combination of wool and silk makes the carpet both comfortable to walk on and easy to maintain. The use of natural dyes gives the carpet a rich, pleasing colour palette. The intricate craftsmanship is evident in the attention to detail and the skilful execution of the design. This carpet is not only a functional piece of home decor but also a collectable work of art. It is sure to add a touch of elegance, cultural heritage and the beauty of nature to any room it is placed in and brings the essence of spring inside your home. With its origin in the city of Qum, it is a unique piece that showcases the rich history and culture of Persian carpets.