A contemporary Tabriz, Number 800604 310x193cm

This carpet is a reinterpretation of a classic design modified in amazing colours and design, created to fit today's modern interiors. It is an enchanting carpet that could brighten up any room and create a unique and tasteful space.


This contemporary carpet is the work of skilful weavers of Tabriz, hand-knotted using quality material. The pattern is inspired by the classic "Herati" design.

Herati or "fish" design is one of the most famous classic carpet patterns. The origin of the design is a mystery. The name Herati attributes its origin to the city of Afghanistan. However, this is disputable as the earliest examples are Persian from the 17th century.

The repeating element in such rugs is two fishes that form a circle around a lotus-shaped flower and a circular flower within a square. Two fishes have most probably originated from the Zoroastrian scripture that describes two Kar fishes that Ahuramazda created to guard the tree of all seeds (the lotus-like flower is the stylization of the tree) against the "Ahriman", the dark lord. The other notable element, the round flower within the square, refers to wholeness and unity.

Wool and silk highlights on a cotton base.