Fine Persian Nain No; 153601 204x306

A century ago, Nain was renowned for producing "Aba," a traditional Persian cloak crafted from wool yarn by skilled weavers. However, with the import of new and industrial fabrics from the West in the late 19th and early 20th centuries, which were favoured by new fashion trends, the demand for these local garments decreased, resulting in the closure of many workshops. As an alternative, the production of Persian carpets gained popularity, particularly in response to high demand in Europe and America. Local investors, such as the Habibian and Mofidi brothers, seized the opportunity and brought in master weavers from the neighbouring city of Isfahan. They utilized local yarn spinners, dye masters and "Aba" weavers to establish carpet workshops, creating the first generation of Nain rugs. One of the unique characteristics of these rugs was the use of traditional colours, such as different shades of blue, tan, beige, and white, which were previously used to dye the yarn for Persian Aba (cloaks). Carpets with such colours were well-received in the market and continued to become a tradition in the city. The popularity of Nain carpets continues. They are some of the most popular classic Persian rugs and are produced in many qualities to bring glamour to interior spaces worldwide. The one here is a Nain with 360,000 knots per square mete. It is a functional and hardwearing piece with a beautiful shade of blue.

This carpet is painstakingly hand-knotted in a period of about six months using fine-quality wool and silk.