A fina Varamin Kilim, Number 163122, 217x178cm

For a weaver with nomadic life, the weight of the belongings and portability is crucial. Hence the popularity of flatweaves among them.

The loom for a kilim as the one here could consist of two wooden poles that could be found where they camp fixed horizontally on the ground using wooden spikes and stones. The yarn comes from spinning the wool the weavers get from their flock of sheep. The inspiration comes from the beautiful surroundings, and the result is impressive pieces like this one that could decorate a tent and add charm and colour to the weaver's tent and any room in which such pieces are laid. 

The beauty of decorating your room is not just in aesthetics but in the story, culture and soul behind such weavings.

The weaver of this kilim, probably a young girl, has tastefully used colours to create a piece of art without using any motif. Her minimalistic approach has become more interesting by working on two separate panels that are joined after weaving is completed.

Fine kilim in flat weaving technique. 100% wool and natural dyes. Hand-woven in Varamin by Arab nomads.