A Shahsavan Tribal Sumak. No. 101229 154x102

It is a fact that some skills, once widely possessed and practised by craftsmen, have fallen victim to modernization and nearly disappeared. In the best-case scenario, these crafts have become luxurious and often unaffordable. Among them is the art of spinning fine-quality yarns and dyeing them with natural dyes using age-old methods. This beautiful skill significantly enhances the products made from such yarns.

The sumak here is an exquisite example of this type of weaving. Using traditional techniques and centuries-old motifs, each pattern is thoughtfully composed from the weavers' memories. This creative process not only relies on a blend of subconscious and inherited knowledge but also heavily depends on the individual taste of the weavers. The Shahsavan girls of Azerbaijan skillfully intertwine their cultural heritage with their tastes, imaginations, and dreams. The result is a textile that not only preserves ancient art but also vividly expresses personal creativity, making each piece uniquely impactful.