A Bijar "Iron" Carpet Number 72617 (141x217cm)

Bijar carpets are woven in Kurdistan. Weavers make fine and tight knots to compose these rugs. Upon completing every row, they beat the knots down with their heavy iron combs. The action results in such a density that the carpets have gained international recognition as the "iron rugs". These carpets can last for generations. The weavers avoid any shortcut that makes these rugs technically perfect Persian carpets. 

The rug here is a beautiful example of the famous Bijar rugs. The colour combination and high wool quality are typical of such carpets. However, the allover design of this carpet is rarer to find in the area where weavers are more accustomed to making the traditional Herati (also known as Mahi or fish) design.

This rug can last for you and your next generations and get even more handsome with age and use.