A Mirzapur kilim, Number 850166 (202x296cm)

Weaving cotton durries in India have a long history. When cotton is replaced with wool the result becomes totally different and the name changes to "kilim" similar to those that have existed for thousands of years in Iran, Turkey and the Caucasus. However, the basic technique remains the same.

Weavers in villages around "Mirzapur", a city in Uttar Pradesh, northern India, are weaving such pieces for the past three decades. Their designs are influenced by the Persian designs that one sees in the tribal weavings of Persia. The pattern here is one of Qashghai origin but in a totally different colour combination. 

The noble colour combination and the clarity of the pattern make this rug one that could enchant any room into a marvellous space.

This is an extremely practical piece of rug.

Wool on a cotton base.