A Kurdish rug, Number 850233 100x180cm

This vintage rug is a unique one for the use of camel wool as the field. Circa 1930s, this beautiful rug is the work of Kur weavers of western Persia. The pattern is particular to the "Kolyayee" area and is celebrated by collectors for its simplicity and tasteful colour combination. This marvellous piece can shine in any space and contribute to the aesthetics of an interior.

Weaving a rug like this used to be a ritual-like process in Kurdistan, where all the ladies of a family participated in making their carpet. They hand-spun the yarn from the wool of their flock of sheep, dyed it in small pots and used it for weaving ancestral patterns passed down to them from their past generations. Such designs are most intriguing and full of symbols that point to archetypes preserved through travelling from one rug to another. 

In this particular rug, the presence of camel wool is a demonstration of how wealthy the family was.

Wool on a cotton warp and wool weft.