Deep space, a modern rug.

The rug here is mesmerizing and embodies the natural world's captivating wonders within its intricate design. Drawing inspiration from the awe-inspiring realm of outer space, the pattern takes on an abstract form, reimagined by the visionary designer. Through a masterful selection of breathtaking colours, this rug effortlessly captures a sense of beauty and elegance. Its harmonious blend of hues creates a stunning visual impact that harmonizes seamlessly with contemporary environments, infusing any room with a touch of glamour and undeniable charm.

The creation of this remarkable rug is the result of over a decade of dedicated effort to achieve a harmonious fusion of cutting-edge technology and traditional craftsmanship. The weaving process occurs on vintage machines, carefully modified to operate slowly and gently, ensuring utmost care is given to the in-house spun woollen yarn.
The yarn for the rug is dyed artisanally in our facility in small batches to produce beautiful and nuanced hues. This approach imbues the carpet with the distinctive variations typically found in hand-made rugs, adding to its unique charm and character.

Following the completion of the weaving process, the meticulous hand-finishing stage commences. Each piece undergoes a thorough washing process consisting of two cycles, which enhances its lustre and softens the wool and bamboo silk fibres, resulting in a magnificent shimmer. Once washed, these carpets are carefully hand-carved and meticulously finished to achieve a flawless appearance.
The materials used to create this rug include wool, bamboo silk, cotton, and jute. Each of these materials contributes to the rug's overall quality, durability, and aesthetic appeal, ensuring a product of exceptional craftsmanship and beauty.

Alp 2420ex 241-341