A Bakhtiari carpet No. 59223 300x159cm

The cypress tree is an important symbol with over three thousand years of history. The depictions of the tree are some of the most outstanding elements of the reliefs of Persepolis (500 bc).
The story of the tree has its roots in Zoroastrianism. Followers of the ancient monotheist religion believe that the Zoroaster, their prophet, descended from heaven with two cypress saplings. He planted one in the historic city of Kashmar, next to which the first king Vishtaspa, built the first Zoroastrian temples.
In addition to such historical significance, the Sarv (cypress in Farsi) is a symbol of beauty and free spirit that is often used as a metaphor in Persian poetry for beautiful lovers.
Therefore the tree inspires many weavers to create designs with stylised cypress motifs such as those in this old Bakhtiar. This carpet is done by Lori Bakhtiars, one of Persia's oldest ethnicities, using natural dyes and hand-spun wool.The carpet has an unusual size due to the weavers limitations with their small, nomadic portable looms. 

Wool on a cotton foundation | Circa 1930s