A contemporary Azerbaijan carpet, No 141121-210x263

Handspun yarn from fine, oily robust Kurdistan wool, dyed in thousands of years old methods with parts of plants and natural minerals in the hands of the weavers who make knots passionately out of respect for their ancestral traditions, results in marvels such as the rug here.

This beautiful carpet is the culmination of a weaving culture in which designs are passed on from one generation to other. While following traditions, each weaver intertwines her feelings and personal taste to create a rug that appears similar to others in her village but one of a kind and a character of its own.

This carpet is the work of a weaver in the "Arasbaran" area of Azerbaijan province, where we help weavers by providing the best quality wool and inspiring them to weave their traditional designs with a new interpretation.

hand-made | Wool on cotton | Natural dyes