A contemporary Gabbeh carpet, Number 172394-190x156cm

A little over three decades ago, Gabbeh was a term for small tribal rugs with thick piles and many wefts. The Qashqai and neighboring Luri tribes made such rugs as utility items for the floors of their tents and, in some variations with long pile and numerous wefts, as blankets for cold winter nights. The older examples of these interesting nomadic rugs are now rare and highly sought after by collectors for their bold patterns with few colours and creative minimalist designs.

The popularity among collectors and designers resulted in the development of a new genre of Gabbeh rugs in the 1980s when some designers and traders took advantage of the eventual settlement of most Qashqai tribes in villages after centuries of nomadic dwelling and engaged them to weave larger and finer rugs in their simple patterns with some modifications to meet the high demand of the market. Permanent looms in the villages gave the trade better control over production, and a new generation of Gabbeh was born.

Gabbeh's designs evolved to meet modern interiors, maintaining the traditional technique and, most importantly, using quality handspun wool and natural dyes.

The carpet here is an example of such rugs. It represents the cypress tree, a tree highly adored by Qashqais and Persians for centuries. It symbolises longevity and love against a simple background reminiscent of the plains where the nomads roamed. The visual and tactile effect of using handspun yarn and natural colours adds to the beauty of such rugs. This rug could take your imagination to the tranquility of nature, creating an ambiance of serenity and comfort for your home.



Quality hand-spun wool




Wool and cotton


hand knotted