A contemporary rug from Azerbaijan 163535 299x201cm

This is a stunning example of contemporary rugs crafted using millennia-old techniques and classic patterns. These rugs represent rare artefacts created entirely by hand, without any reliance on modern technology, from shearing the wool off the sheep's back to spinning, dyeing, and weaving. They exert minimal environmental impact and serve as a livelihood for humble, compassionate weavers who lead lives removed from the hassles and bustles of the modern world. This may be the reason behind the calming aura they exude. Such carpets imbue a sense of tranquillity and serenity into your interior design, unmatched by many other decorative objects.

The rug in question is the culmination of six months of meticulous work by a weaver who meticulously tied 240,000 knots, on 800 warp threads on a wooden loom. They utilized handspun wool yarn, either spun by themselves or a family member and dyed in small batches, specifically for this carpet. This meticulous process renders each rug unique yet reproducible. The owner of such a piece possesses a one-of-a-kind rug infused with a reservoir of positive energy that can enhance the aesthetics of a modern home and infuse much-needed depth and character into the ambience.