A contemporary Varamin Persian rug, No. 150831-243x165cm

Seldom can the new carpets match the vintage ones in terms of the quality of the material or the integrity of weaving techniques, both of which contribute to the durability of the rugs and ensure long lust and beauty.

The beautiful rug here can! It is a fantastic work of art and craftsmanship. The tasteful designer has performed magic in terms of the proportional balance, the elegant details of the rug, and the harmony of the colours.

The materials have been prepared and skillfully put together, emphasizing the quality of the hand-spun yarn and good natural dyes. Finally, the weaver has put her heart into tying perfect 1.45 million knots from the pattern the designer has prepared, putting every colour in the right place, making every knot equal to the others.

The result of such dedication and mastery is a gorgeous piece that could live and become a tremendous antique rug after a few generations. This carpet could be the guardian of a family, a testament to taste and culture, and the pride of the next generations.

This carpet is the result of the teamwork of several masters, from the designer to the weaver. Creating such a carpet could take nearly a year, from design to finish.