A Fasa Nomadic rug, Number 144192 161 x 255cm

The weavings of Arab nomads of Fasa near Shiraz always follow the same order. This is what the weavers have done for centuries three joined medallions within a red field of little ornaments guarded by multiple borders. This is how we recognize them as rugs of Fasa. However, surprisingly every one of these rug are unique and one of a kind. That is for the fantastic variety of details that each weaver fills the fields with. That makes these rugs unique; "Details". That is where the weaver's creativity is freely at work, and she creates flower after flower and little creature after another spontaneously and entirely from memory. 

Often the weavers of such rugs are ladies of each family who make every component of the rug by themselves, from hand spinning to dyeing the yarn and from dreaming the pattern to materializing it by tying one knot after another with care and passion.