A Modern Nepalese rug by Nasser Nishaburi, No-850223 (99x155cm)

Designed by Nasser Nishaburi, this rug expresses the emotional resonance surrounding the walls that confine us, whether self-imposed or imposed by others, visible or non. These barriers prevent us from soaring and transcending beyond set boundaries, limiting our view of the infinite horizons of possibilities beyond.

Such walls are all around us, experienced and felt by all, igniting a deep-seated desire to break them down, smash them and fly beyond their constraints.

This rug could serve as a reminder to keep the inner flame burning, to maintain our spirit, and to believe unwaveringly that these walls can be overcome and crossed, for we stand taller than the walls that seek to confine us.

Technique: Hand-knotted, Tibetan weave | Material: wool and silk on cotton