A modern Shahsavan rug Number: 126149 191x140cm

The modern rug presented here is a thrilling showcase of how weavers occasionally break free from their traditional confines to craft astonishing new rugs that resemble "outsider modern art." These carpets gain an added layer of fascination through age-old techniques and materials that ensure classic Persian rugs endure and even improve with time and wear.

This example features a striking contemporary design conceived by a weaver who likely had no formal understanding of modern art. The pattern emerged spontaneously, drawn directly from memory as the weaver intricately created the design in real-time, making every knot with a natural flow and instinctive creativity. The knots are symmetric Turkish knots arranged in a flat orientation, meaning that the two warp threads encased by each knot lie side by side, contributing to the rug's exceptional quality. The wool is notably oily, soft, and thick, enhancing the rug's tactile and aesthetic appeal.

The creator of this rug is believed to be a young Shahsavan woman from Zanjan province, illustrating the vibrant and evolving nature of weaving traditions within the region.


Quality hand-spun wool






Handmade, Turkish knots