A Moghan Azerbaijan rug Number 163553 348x110cm

The bazaar traders in Shiraz have a unique term for some rugs: "Divuneh," which translates to "crazy" in Farsi. Weavers of such rugs boldly defy all conventions, weaving carpets as untamed as the example here.

This is a truly "crazy" rug from Azerbaijan. The weaver has completely rebelled against order and symmetry. All of the five geometric medallions are different, and she has changed her mind regarding the borders and colours multiple times.

It's as if she was intoxicated by nature, love, youth, or perhaps even a bit of Vodka smuggled from across the border.

The rug is well over seventy years old, so the girl could now be an aged lady or perhaps soaring high in heaven. Nevertheless, her spirit endures and uplifts the observer of this astonishingly unique rug.