A Persian collage (patchwork rug) No. 510992 - 204x145cm

In circa 2005, we pioneered the production of Persian Collage rugs, marking the inception of a product that has since garnered immense interest in markets worldwide.

Our rugs are meticulously crafted from fragments of old and antique handmade Persian rugs that were previously deemed beyond repair. Through a meticulous process, our professional washing and repair staff salvage and restore the functional fragments, breathing new life into these once-neglected treasures.

The true artistry begins as we tastefully match and select each piece for every Persian patchwork rug, carefully arranging  and collaging them to achieve a perfect composition that exudes elegance and sophistication. Overdyeing is crucial in this process, infusing the rugs with a modern aesthetic and vibrant energy that uplifts any space they adorn.

The Persian collage on this page is an elegant example that displays fragments from Shahsavan, Qashghai and Lori tribal rugs.