A Persian collage (patchwork rug) No. 517599 238x175

This patchwork rug is a marvel of Persian collage, distinguished by its exceptional uniqueness. We've utilized fragments from rare Shuli tribal rugs to create this stunning piece, sourced from the Shul tribes, ancient Kurd nomads settled in Fars province. These tribes predominantly employ undyed woollen hand-spun yarn in their rug-making process, resulting in a distinct appearance characterized by various shades of natural wool. Such rugs are truly elusive treasures, challenging to come by.

Gathering enough fragments to assemble a patchwork rug of this calibre is no small feat, but the effort is well worth it. This particular rug stands out not only for its rarity but also for the subtle incorporation of delicate pink hues, adding an intriguing charm to its overall allure.

Indeed, Persian collage rugs are extraordinary creations that can elevate the ambience of any interior space to unparalleled heights. Owning such a piece ensures that your space becomes truly one-of-a-kind, infused with an enchanting charm and character that captivates all who enter.