A Persian collage (patchwork rug) No. 151672 232x155cm

We were the first to produce the Persian Collage (patchwork rugs) circa 2005. The product received and continues to enjoy a tremendous interest in the markets around the world.

We made these rugs from fragments of old and antique handmade Persian rugs and, in the case of this beautiful one, kilims that were in a poor state and beyond usage.

We carefully select and purchase these rugs regularly, and then professional washing and repair staff carefully salvage and restore the functional fragments.

The most creative part of the work started when we tastefully selected matching fragments for each Persian Collage and then arranged them together most artistically.

Overdying is part of the process of creating a modern look and vibrancy that cheers up the space that our Persian Collages decorate.

Our team worked hard to achieve glamourous and artistic aesthetics via contrast and harmony and avoided shortcuts such as making stripes and joining them together as many commercial patchworks. Hence, every such Persian collage rug is an artistic creation.