A Persian Ferdows rug, 146615-216x312cm

The vibrant hues and the striking medallion of this extraordinary hand-made carpet are truly noteworthy. The tasteful designer/weaver employed a restrained colour palette to craft this sophisticated rug, aiming to captivate the observer with a beauty that transcends surface aesthetics. The predominant velvety red field, adorned with the fascinating "Abrash" – a Persian term denoting a myriad of shades within the same colour – beckons as an invitation to comfort.

What sets this carpet apart is its uniqueness; being a village creation, it is woven from memory without adhering to a predetermined pattern, signalling the presence of a creative and formidable mind behind its inception.

Undoubtedly, it possesses a charm that can infuse glamour into any interior space.

Material: wool on cotton foundation.