A Persian Tabriz, carpet No. 164575 290x226cm

Persian rugs are indeed some of the most authentic and beautiful objects. However, the charm of a Persian carpet is not merely for aesthetics but also for the wealth of culture and meaning they present through stylized designs. Such rugs become even more interesting when the designer depicts deep philosophical thoughts and their interpretations of concepts such as life, love, and beauty within the intricate ornaments.

The carpet here represents various elements through stylized motifs, such as pairs of cypress trees symbolizing young, beautiful lovers, as Persian poets often use the tree as a metaphor for youth, beauty, and love. The medallion and the flow of all the other elements toward it point to the urge to achieve fullness, completion, self, or a supreme being that would stand in the middle of the universe.

The weaver of this rug has made an astonishing number of 1,100,000 knots meticulously on a cotton base for six months circa the 1950s to make this rug using quality handspun wool with natural dyes that have stood the test of time to become even more charming. Producing such rugs is almost impossible in modern days.