A Shiraz Bovanat carpet, No. 64569 255x180cm

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Shiraz is a city of love. During the spring, it is filled with the enchanting fragrance of lemon blossoms. The city has been home to some of the most famous Persian poets, such as Hafez, whose verses are revered by Persians.

The city lies in a land with a rich past. The ruins of Persepolis, the ancient capital of the great Persian Empire (500 BC), stand 70km northeast of the city and in the middle of the Qashghai nomad's ancestral lands.

Throughout centuries, the city has been where the region's nomads, both those who continue nomadic life and those who have settled in villages, come to sell their products and buy necessities. Therefore, there is an abundance of a variety of nomadic rugs from different clans traded under the general name Shiraz rugs.

The carpet here is one from the small town of Bovanat. The Qashghais of Bovanat have a reputation for the quality of wool they use. The main feature of this rug is the eight-pointed star, which is the symbol of Innana, the Babylonian goddess of war, love, and fertility. Such ancient symbols are reflections of the weavers' collective memory.

This rug is hand-woven on a horizontal loom. The wool structure makes the carpet soft and floppy, and the pile has a beautiful texture and sheen due to the use of good-quality wool.