A tribal Qashghai No. 65023 270x174cm

The Qashqai lady weavers love colours. One can occasionally see them in the bazaar of Shiraz, where they come to sell their products and buy necessities. They stand out with their elegant, amazing colourful dresses that demonstrate their love of colours and elegant walk amidst the urban crowd. Their free spirit and amazing pride vibrate in their faces and posture. 

Weaving is a long tradition for them. They make their rugs on horizontal looms and astonishingly from memory, without having any draft. Therefore many motifs and designs are manifestations of their subconscious and related to deep collective memory.  

The spontaneity of the design makes these rugs most interesting, and objects that are not only aesthetically beautiful and charming but profoundly meaningful and interesting to study. 

The Carpet here is a good example of Qashghai weaves with tightly made knots and a lush pile. This carpet could bring exuberance to any space and intrigue the owner to study and enjoy the history of the people who have made it.

Hand-spun wool pile | Mostly natural dyes | wool foundation