A Turkish tribal Rug, 82575 (266x186cm)

The design of this fascinating Turkish rug represents the essence of a culture that has existed in the area for over 5000 years. Coming from the Macepotemia, this rug represents archetypical symbols which can amuse the viewer for a long time and intrigue interest and discussions about the most interesting history of the land. The eight-pointed symbol is only one of such elements that stands for the star of Ishtar, the Akkadian goddess of love and war.
The colour combination in this rug is unique and rare. Contrary to many such pieces in which red is dominant, the weaver has used various muted tones, avoiding the red.
The structure of the rug is made of wool as well as the pile wchic consists of handspun yarn that the weaver has dyed using the particles of plants that she could find in her mountainous habitat. This rug can last decades of heavy traffic to get only better in colour and texture.

Hand-knotted in symmetric Turkish knots on warp and weft of wool.