A vinatge Luri rug, No. 66024 - 300x158cm

Lurs are ancient tribal ethnic people dwelling in the centre of the Persian Plateau far before the arrival of the Aryans around 1000 BC. Along with many other ethnicities of western Macepotemia, they peacefully integrated with the newly arrived Aryans and, five hundred years later, formed one of the largest empires in history. Lurs migration routes extended from the valleys of Mount Zagros to the Shores of the Persian Gulf for millennials till they, by and large, settled in the villages in the middle of the twentieth century.

The rug here is a beautiful example of their weavings from their nomadic era, most probably circa the 1940s, that demonstrates the usual characteristics of such rugs, which include the use of goat hair as a base (warps), the specific colour of orange they like to use and primitive design with ancient symbols.

The size is another indication of nomadic weavings. Due to the limitations of the size of the portable looms, such rugs are often long and narrow.

This carpet is a rare specimen and could be a gorgeous decorative piece that could intrigue one to travel in time and feel the beautiful life of a fantastic culture that dominated vast lands and left such unique artefacts.